SelectionBox = lag?

I’ve been looking at Selection boxes recently, and I’m not too sure how much this will affect performance on the clients.

“SelectionBox is an object which renders a 3D box around its Adornee when it is a descendant of the Workspace or anywhere where GUI objects are rendered. The box’s geometry consists of rectangular prisms forming an outline/wireframe in addition to a surface for each of its faces. By default, only the outline is visible.”

Based on this I’m certain that it will affect something, as it’s render-based, just not sure how much.
I would appreciate if someone who knows more about them can answer.

What are you attempting to use selection boxes for? it’s hard to determine the consequence to performance this might have without knowing what your use case is.

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I’ll use some for a game I’m creating, perhaps around 200-400 SelectionBoxes.