SelectionBox still rendering in Low Graphics Quality

Reproduction Steps:

  • Create an SelectionBox
  • Put a part or a terrain
  • Set the graphics quality to 1
  • SelectionBox still rendering
    SelectionBox Bug.rbxl (56,4 Ko)


Expected Behavior:
SelectionBox should not render in Low Graphics Quality

Actual Behavior:
SelectionBox still rendering in Low Graphics Quality

It’s GUI element. Same behavior for any HandleAdornments and other selections (SelectionSphere for ex.).

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So it’s normal that are still rendering? oops

Yes. Or you expect that your studio building tools will dissapear when you accidently moved them 100000 studs away?

I just excepted that it’s not shown in low quality because players can still see them (like “Highlight” not rendering in low quality)


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ok, thanks for the info, I didn’t know about that

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