SelectionObject + ScrollingFrame Problem

So when you move the SelectionObject down with DPad, it scrolls the scrolling frame to be perfectly lined up with the selected object, but if there is an object under it but to the left in a grid, it won’t move down and you wouldn’t even know its there unless you moved all the way to the left.

I realize the way I worded that doesn’t make any sense so hopefully this gif will help, I’m repeatedly clicking DPad Down throughout the gif, on the green knife box it doesn’t go down, and on the purple one it does:

Is this going to be changed? Is there any solution other than making my own selection code? (I’d really prefer not to)

so the gui selection code does some automatic selection for you, but it does have its constraints. Essentially this works by comparing angle diffs between the selection direction and gui objects nearby. In the case here, the angle diff between the green and red box makes it hard for the system to realize you want to select that. Fortunately for edge cases you can override particular selection paths. Check out NextSelectionDown + Up + Left + Right (these are properties on gui objects). You can set your gui object to override the default selection if you want to fix edge cases.

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Thank you, I forgot about that feature. However, I tried it out and ran into another problem. It only works if both frames are visible lol. Here is an example:

You can go from purple to orange when it’s visible, but when I went up, back down onto purple, pressing DPad down did nothing. At this point I think it would be better if ROBLOX did this from the Core side, but only in ScrollingFrames specifically. I can’t imagine a reason for someone not wanting this behavior in a ScrollingFrame.

Still an issue, an darthskrill’s method doesn’t work. I’ve tried manually setting NextSelectionDown and if it’s off-screen due to the ‘ClipsDescendant’ property of ScrollingFrames, it still won’t go down.

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