Selector v0.1 - Simple selection highlighting using the new Highlight feature

I spent some time between tasks at work today to develop a simple plugin that highlights selections with the newly ‘released’ selection object. I thought I’d share in case its useful to you all.

Get it Here.

How To Use

Once downloaded, select any model or basepart to see the effect.

You can toggle the plugin itself, along with the highlight fill effect.

You can also change the selection color with a value that is created for you in server storage.


If this is something that is useful to you, let me know for I will continue to provide updates if there is an interest. Since I wrote this in around 30 minutes you may encounter bugs. If you find any, please report them below.



Due to Highlight’s behavior on multiple objects (see this post), I’ve limited the selection to the first selected object. Roblox is contemplating implementing this behavior natively, but I may end up adding support for the first 31 objects that are selected if this feature is far down the road.


Thanks so much! Could you please provide the source code?

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This is already a thing:

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Yep, but it’s only a proposal currently. I suppose you can think of this plugin as a stable demo of this behavior.


Looks awesome. Can we have the source code pelase.

This plugin is really easy to make, for anyone asking questions about the source code, you can just install the plugin and view the source code from there. Cool plugin though!

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Hi, I have a tip. Apologies for the bump. To hide Roblox’s old selection box in your plugin, just do this:

if game:GetService("CoreGui"):WaitForChild("DraggerUI"):FindFirstChild("HoverBox") ~= nil then
	game:GetService("CoreGui"):WaitForChild("DraggerUI"):FindFirstChild("HoverBox").Visible = false

That’ll hide the old roblox selection box located in CoreGui. And it works best in a loop.

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i want to hide the new highlight