Selling a Restaurant


Hi, I am ItsByskyWrecker, I built a restaurant and I am selling it since I will not be using it. I built everything including furniture but it’s NOT scripted. It was a 3 days project. I built it and want to sell it so I could raise so funds to hire devs for my upcoming studio.

Images of the restaurant:



-The restaurant cost 5000R$
-Furniture 1000R$
-Other stuff you want me to add will be discussed on discord.

Place Link:


Discord: WRΞCKΞR#1649

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Before selling your work, I would suggest taking some nice pictures of the work. For example making sure your roblox graphic settings are on level 21, this will make the game look higher quality, another example would be changing with the camera with the field of view as then it can look more focused. Also when downloading the picture maybe use an 3rd party screenshot tool to make sure there high quality pictures.

My suggestions : It is an nice start for an restaurant, but for 5000 robux, I don’t feel there is an enough work produced. I recommend making scenery as at the moment it just a plain baseplate if you add an nice entrance with some pathway, couple trees it would look nicer. I would also suggest adding some lighting into the game to make it more appealing. I would value this building around 1000-2000 robux it would require a-lot more work.


Yeah, I understand it was just a screenshot and it was a 3 days work only.
The price is 5k because I put so much putting time into placing every single brick for the walls it’s not a texture I wanted to give it a more realistic look especially with the new shadows.

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The main issue is your architecture design chosen as the inside is fairly decent.

I’d recommend experimenting with a variety of different building structures before settling on the final design.

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@PurpSinister, @YC0 I’ve added a new image with the other images and added the link of the place.

In reality, those are rather small details that can be mimicked within a short space of time by using Ctrl + D on the selected parts. You also don’t seem to put a wall through the middle of them. Charging extra for details that are rather small will probably not go down to well.

Also considering the actual design of the exterior isn’t as good as it could be, and the interior being quite empty, you could probably charge a little less and probably get someone to buy it.


Yes, I did a black wall.

I left it for the new owner to place the furniture where ever he want.

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