Selling an item far below the value shouldn't be allowed

I actively watch the roblox economy and look at when items start losing and gaining value, but what annoys and upsets me the most is when people sell items for 1-100 robux or maybe more, when the item is worth well over that amount, in a deliberate attempt to ruin the value of that item, and in turn, disrupt the economy.

I would like to see something that blocks people from putting an items price at, say, 0.01% - 10% of its actual value.

It will stop people deliberately doing these things, and will also stop people accidentally leaving out a 0 when putting a price for their limited, and losing it.



Is there a warning if you try to sell an item far lower than RAP? If not, that warning could be implemented/extended to stop people from accidentally selling things for really low prices. I don’t think they should be unable to do so if they really want to, though, that’s just the consequence of being a free market.

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Only roblox+ has it AFAIK

Most of people who sells thing for 1 robux gets banned after doing it.

I mean some people did it for vesp, and they all got banned.

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You’re joking right. What enforceable rule is in-place to ban users who might do something like this?

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Nah, I’m not kidding some people who sold some items for 1 robux got banned for doing it with a reason like “Do not try to ruin the roblox economy”

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I don’t support this idea simply because there is no reason for there to be a limit on how much someone can sell their item for. It’s theirs, therefore they get to give it away for as much or as little as they want. However, you are right about it disrupting the economy, though it’s not truly damaging at all (unless the majority of the owners tag along and lower their selling prices).


Citation please.
The only time someone would get banned for doing this (or do this in the first place) is if the limited in question were stolen goods (i.e scammed from some kid who then filed a report to

Also, you are never going to disrupt anything by selling low(Unless you are literally willing to throw literally millions of US$ out of the window for nothing really) and I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed to do so if you so desire.
If anything, the people who actually disrupt the economy are the price gougers who artificially inflate the pice of items by buying up all of the supply for cheap to then sell them later for a profit.
But that’s just my 5 cents.


I don’t remember when so I don’t remember who or what they exactly said, the only thing I’m sure about is that they got banned because of them tried to ruin roblox economy by selling alot of huge items for 1 robux or 10 robux. Fact is they don’t do it because they want to “offer” an item to someone but because they want to annoy people/owners, this is why this shouldn’t be allowed like Younite said.

You might be confusing them with bati&switchers who put an item for sale for a very low price only to then massivly increase the price a second later in an effort to scam some kid out of his robux when he decided to go and buy that item as quickly as possible before someone else buys it (I don’t know ROBLOX’s policy when dealing with this kind of behavior)

Selling items for extremly low doesn’t hurt anyone and it is the same as them gifting their item away for free.
Also, I don’t see why any owner would get annoyed by this when they can simply buy the item for cheap and sell it for a huge profit.

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I didn’t not confuse with this. This is why they really got banned.

Imagine you are the owner of a big hat something like 2m RAP. A new owner get it and sell it for 1 robux, RAP fails.
I think it would hurt you, this is what we mean.

They weren’t banned for just selling a high priced item @1 ROBUX – there were many other factors contributing to that. Purposely attempting to ruin an item, price-switching and also selling items that were stolen for low amounts for the lolz.

ruin an item is what I mean :frowning:

this is just restricting freedom, i say let people be stupid with their money!
it also shows the volatile nature of investing- perhaps educating people as a byproduct.

this sure is annoying, i can say in my own experience i lost 100’s of thousands from people LSP’ing items i horded- a very annoying situation, but the result shouldn’t be stopping people from being able to sell at a low price

I always sell things far below because i dont care about the item i just want to liquidize it

ROBLOX warns you if you try to sell an item below 50% of the RAP.

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I mean values are determined by the people of roblox. I think you meant RAP in the title?

I do think people should not even have the choice of selling an item over 50% of the rap but anything under 50% should be completely fine to do. For instance, if they want robux for a sale the only way to get the robux quickly is to sell the item really cheap.

My 2 Cents:
I treat ROBLOX Limiteds like IRL stocks. Keeping with that thought process, so long as the user has 100% ownership of the item through legitimate means, they should be free to sell their assets as they wish. The reality is that anyone at any time can sell say… 200 shares of SNAP at $0.01 (bad purchase on IPO btw). This effects the global market. BUT, they owned that part of the equity and can do with it as they please.

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But it’s not real life stocks, is it? And the reason this doesn’t happen IRL is because trolls would lose actual money.

This is a kids game, and young people should be protected from people trying to ruin the price of their stuff. Selling for 50% of RAP is fine for liquidating things quickly.