Selling Decals?

Hi developers,

I’m sort of new to selling creations, making ads, and making games. I know that you can sell shirts, pants, T-shirts, etc with Roblox Premium, and I know that models are free at the moment. I’ve checked everywhere, but haven’t found a straightforward answer to my question: Could someone give me some information on if you can sell decals and how? If not, do any of you know if Roblox is working to implement this system or not? Any ideas when it will be released?

Thank for helping! Any reply is appreciated! :smiley:

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You can upload decals and set the settings so that anyone can use them, but you can not charge robux for them.

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Got it, thanks. How can you change the settings to let others use your decals?

Turning this on will allow your decal to be “sold” but models, decals and audios are all free.


You can’t sell decals on the Roblox website, however you can commission developers to make decals for them. #collaboration:recruitment is a great place to start if you want to make assets for developers.

Thanks, I’ll keep the opportunity in mind!