Semi-Realistic Kitchen

Follow-up to Semi-Realistic Bathroom from 2021.

After about a year of this game having nothing done to it, I’ve decided to go back to it and see what I could do with it and the following is a new addition to the map;

Other Angles

Direct view

Video Version

Although there’s a kitchen next to me, I don’t have a clear idea of what was in the average one 35 years ago, so that’s a small flaw


This is honestly amazing. I love this and the textures are so realistic. I cannot think of one thing I would add. Great Job!

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This is actually pretty good, but it looks sort of part cyberpunk part Victorian. Maybe “refurbished Victorian kitchen” would be a better name or something along those lines?

Aside from that, good work on the build.

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Although those are some nice names, I think this might be giving people mixed messages with all the random designs thrown in, but the reason it looks like this with all the sort of victorian cyberpunk elements is because it’s supposed to be a kitchen in the late 1980s (1988) and that’s what I meant with the comment you quoted.

I haven’t really stated that it’s set during a specific time since I don’t like forcing the period in period pieces, but here’s an example of the design I was going for with this;

(image may be broken)

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I think the lighting makes it look a lot more cyberpunky than it should be then haha

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Yeah probably does lol, though it’s accurate to be the greenish blue color as fluorescent lights show up those colors on film, but that does come with the added effect of a cyberpunk look

It’s very nicely done!
The only thing I’d recommend is looking at the scale of your objects. Almost all refrigerators are only 66-67" tall by about 30" wide and it kind of shows in your 3rd picture. The fridge looks massive compared to the ovens since fridges and stoves are about the same width.
If you compare your real picture of the stove, range hood and cupboards you will notice the range hood is about the same height as the top of the ovens and above the cupboard bottoms. In your build you have the range hood flush with the cupboard bottoms.

I don’t mean to sound critical, but scale is very important when building realistically.
Scale is pretty tough when you are trying to build to the scale of a Robloxian since our avatars are (very roughly) twice as wide at the shoulders than humans are at the same height.

Normally I use multiple images of similar items then just block out rough sizes in my build. Then I ‘walk’ through with my avatar to see how the scale makes me feel. It’s much easier to resize simple blocks rather than finished models, unless you build each item as a MeshPart.

as someone with not much experience in 3D modelling and very basic experience in building this looks absolutely insaneeeeeee, can’t wait to see more of ur work!!!

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This look pretty cool! but I think it was a little too dark but maybe that’s a theme of your game or maybe you have a light system that can turn on and off but yeah, this is amazing work!

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Actually, this guy is mad all over the forums. Ignore him and move on.

Your builds are actually better than my actual kitchen! Great job on this!

As other people said about scale, yep that’s the most important thing. I don’t have much advice to give because I’m terrible at building/modelling :sweat_smile:


Looks really good, only issue is the scale of that fridge, looks off

But otherwise keep it up, looks great :smiley:

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Wow. The materials and lighting combined makes this look like it’s from Unreal, and not Roblox.

Great job! :+1:

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thanks, I’ll see what I can do about it, though, there was originally a different fridge, a 2 door sub zero style one. I just kinda scaled it to fit the missing space, but I’ll see what I can do about the rest of your suggestions

You may be able to select the entire fridge and resize the model.
Yeah, I’m sure the side by side fridges didn’t start to come out until the late 70’s and weren’t that common in the 80’s.

Ah, the 80’s, back when I was in high school…


Great job on building the kitchen and I really like the textures and the lighting effects to make it so realistic. Are you planning on building a whole house with this sort of style in the future?

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I’ll try that when I get the chance, thanks

Its part of a game that has been abandoned multiple times for almost 2 years so there’s not really any telling what will be done with it, but yes this entire house will be centered around this style if finished

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