Semi-Realistic Tavern Build

Hi everyone. Recently I have been working on a tavern/restaurant build that I tried to make realistic, but it’s turning out more semi-realistic. I have not added furniture or anything to the upper area. It is not completed but I would love some feedback and/or suggestions. The style is sort of medieval, but could be fantasy as well.

If you want to look at it closer: Realistic tavern build



This tavern looks good! It’s a bit too basic and bland though. You should add some stuff on the walls, and also add decorations around the place. Otherwise, nice job on this build!

Lighting looks a little too yellow. I think if you tweaked your Lighting properties you could get this twice as realistic.

The build quality alone is great though.

The build is really good! I’d add some windows though, without them the place feels cramped

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The build itself, in all honesty, is very well done.

The only things you should work on that I can think of is materials, lighting, and details. Your materials are alright, although a bit simple, they could be improved to be considered realistic. Adding different materials rather than the same roblox wood/wood planks texture really helps, especially PBR textures. The lighting is where you can improve on most of all, it’s extremely basic. What I mean by this is stuff like shadows, depth of field, color correction, and all those other effects can be used in conjuction with each other to really help with the realism. Most of all, the lighting type is a big issue. It seems as if you’re using Shadowmap which, in all honesty, isn’t as realistic as Future. I highly suggest switching to Future as it really helps define those shadows and adds a ton of realism. Finally, the last bit is detailing. You’ve done it quite well in a few areas such as the ceiling, but some areas just don’t have as much detail as others. For example, the chairs and tables. Although still well made, they’re pretty simple and all of them have sharp corners. Have you ever seen a room with objects that all have unrealistically sharp corners (try rounding out the corners, it could help)?

Alright, that’s my take on it, let me know if I was wrong about anything I said.

I would recommend adding more variety of colors for the wood to separate items.