Semi-transparent black square appears under your mouse when hovering over RopeConstraint

This error is kinda strange, the bug only occurrs with RopeConstraints, if you hover one, a “Semi-transparent black square” is going to follow your mouse position.

I’ve not worked with Ropes since a month ago, so i don’t have a specific date, but i can say this started today (2th June 2020), here is a screenshot:

You can’t see the Cursor, however, you can see that square that i’m talking about in the rope. The black square looks like the background for the details tooltip when you have Constraint Details enabled.

image image

Here is the model, just hover the mouse over the rope with constraint details off:
BugRepro.rbxm (4.5 KB)

My system information: Intel® Celeron® CPU N2840@ 2.16GHz 2GB (And i don’t know if i have a graphic card)
Thanks for reading :+1:

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I was working with rope constraint the other day and I thought I could see a black square too.

Perhaps it’s just a failure to hide the black frame when the details option is turned off?

It’s a problem with the beta feature “Lua Draggers”.

A fix for this is completed and should go live next week.

As noted above, if it’s bothering you, you can disable the Lua Draggers Beta, as the legacy draggers should not have this issue.

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