Sen Sound Editor [Plugin]

Sen Sound Editor

(Ultimate Sound Editor Plugin)
Price: 250 Robux


I made the Sen Sound Editor out of frustration of the lack of support when dealing with sounds inside of studio, mainly playing multiple sounds at once and respecting time position. Imagine you’re trying to make a skill that requires multiple different sounds to play at once. A lot of you don’t need to imagine this, because you’ve been through trying to do guess work when it comes to lining up the sounds and getting them perfect.


  • Play multiple sounds at once
  • Play a single sound
  • Stop playing sounds
  • Edit time position and volume through a slider
  • Add modifiers to a sound
  • Edit modifier properties
  • Delete sounds and modifiers



How would this compare to SFX Editor Pro at the same price (250 Robux)?


To be honest I was unaware of the existence of the SFX Editor Pro plugin. It looks quite beautiful, and seems amazing for truly customizing a sound to fit one’s needs to the maximum. Though, this isn’t quite what I’m trying to accomplish. What I’m striving to accomplish with my plugin is to make it easier to align and fix multiple sounds together in order to make coherent audio, while still staying compact.

What I can say is that I will strive to adding more functionality to my own work, ensuring that it will be the best that it can be, as this is only the first version. I’ll be adding more customization options, a better UI, and many more improvements in order to bring as much value as possible to the consumer.


I’m too broke but holy crap this is such a good thing.

I know it’s a valid thing to say but still can we stop comparing everything? Everything has its own use and different UI, and op said their plugin is different.


Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it. I will agree that there isn’t a need to compare my plugin to yours. Yours clearly serves a different purpose, and I quite like the idea of having several audios at one time to select from. It’s designed for a different type of workflow.

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So im confused, does this creates a chain of sounds that we can then play in game, I imagine the system has a step function and checks if it has reached the “mark” for every sound and plays it.

if so, this seems pretty good, as a developer you cannot rely on using task.wait() to play sounds in order because not only does it yields and forces you to use coroutines, but it also isn’t always as precise as having a method like the one I assume this resource uses.

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Not quite, this plugin currently edits sound properties such as time position and volume, then the modifiers inside the sound. You can also play multiple sounds at once to see how well audio goes together. I mainly use this when I’m creating skills that require multiple sounds. For example, say you have a fire tornado skill. You’d want a sound for wind whooshing, for the burning flames, and any other sounds you’d want to add. With this plugin, it lets you edit these sounds individually, then allows you to play them together in unison in order to see how well they fit together.

Though, the feature you described sounds like a really great addition to my plugin, as it would improve workflow even more, allowing you to combine sounds together at different times without needing to do guess work through script. I’d love to add this as a future update.

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