Send email messages via Roblox game

Hi, recently I created the same topic, and someone showed me working tutorial how to send Gmail messages via Roblox, but Google has 200 messages per day quota. So, does anyone know another methods how can I do that without any quota? If you can, can you make or send an tutorial?

Why send an email, when you can use discord webhook, and send it all to discord, by using a queue setup, and making sure your game doesn’t hit the roblox HTTP limit?

I’m already using it (but guilded), but with email you can make any verifications.

Like, if you turn on 2nd verification, it will send you 6 digit code on your mail

If gmail has that limit, then that’s on google, you can’t do anything about it unless they give you no limit. Use another public email service or you’d have to make your own host

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