Send notifications to all applicants

As a dev posting a job listing, it is currently difficult to keep all applicants updated with the state of a job offer.

My story is that I made a job listing. I’ve received 20+ applicants that I am keeping track of through a spread sheet. While processing applicants over a week or more, I start to receive a lot of messages from earlier applicants that are trying to follow up.

If I could post a notification or custom status on the job listing, then I would not need to stay tightly in touch with dozens of individuals.

Basically, I need a better way to broadcast to applicants. A custom status is a possible solution. Side note, it’s not clear to me what “Mark as Close” means.


Job Post Custom Status

The title reads a bit like an XY-problem. To me, it sounds like your core issue is “Need to be able to announce to applicants”, where having custom job states is a bit of a hacky way to achieve that.

My hunch is a better proposed solution would be to be able to send a notification to all applicants at once.

Would recommend retitling this post to be more about the problem than the proposed solution.


I agree with @buildthomas. Once you Mark the Job as closed people will no longer be able to apply and candidates you were talking to should get the message as well.

Also if you mark a candidate as hired and have multiple applicants, I believe you should see the option to automatically reject everyone else.

Let us know if you are still having issues!

The Roblox Team

With my last hiring post, it took me a couple weeks to review applicants. Several times I had info that I wanted to convey with every applicant.

  • Updated the process for applying, how to apply and what materials to have ready
  • Still being active (single “open” state is ambiguous and opaque to applicants)
  • Conveying timelines and changing timelines of processing applications (Narrowing down, deciding)

It sends a message to applicants? What does the message say?

Side issue here: it is unclear to me what marking the job listing as “Closed” does. Does it mean the listing is deleted, not discoverable, not accepting new applicants, or just a non-functioning status?