Send output message when package is auto-updated

As a Roblox developer, it is currently tedious to determine if a package has been auto-updated in a separate place instance than the source one.

I have two places open, both under the same universe. Each one has a copy of the same package, they both have AutoUpdate enabled. If I make a script change in one place and publish that, I then want to check if the package in the other place has been updated already. By the time I get to the other window, the syncing status icon next to the package is not there. Does this mean the package has been updated or was there an error?

Sending an output message when packages have been auto-updated will:

  • Save developers’ time by not having to cross-check the VersionNumber of the packages in both locations
  • Give actual confirmation that a package has been published (since it would have auto-updated itself)
  • Give a temporary publish log for when and what packages have been updated since the output has been cleared
  • Include the new VersionNumber value in the message