Sending data out of Roblox

Hey everyone! I’m currently working on a project and have been thinking about implementing some sort of external database (like Firebase) in to my game. Although, I’m not sure how I should go about it, which platforms I should use and how I even send data out of Roblox.

I’m planning to use it for logging data about the player such as account age, username and join date

So in total, there’s two things I need help with today:

  1. How do I send data out of Roblox?
  2. What websites/platforms should I use for storing my data? (Please only free ones)

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I’d like a more in depth explanation on exactly how, like how do I send the data and how do i receive it from the other end and sort it

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Before you do any of that make sure to publish your game and turn on “HTTP Requests” in studio, if you don’t you will be unable to send data from and to outside servers even if you find someone who helps you.

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HTTP Requests are your friend!

certainly use a API / link and send the data you need to. this can be done with a api!


Exactly. HTTP Requests are necessary if you want to use an external server like @JustAGameDeveloper1 said.

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If you have other programming experience, (node.js, php, etc), you can make your own api and edit a database when you receieve HTTP requests from Roblox.

HttpService Documentation: HttpService | Roblox Creator Documentation

When you send a request through HTTP service, you’re just visiting a website essentially.
You can use any API through httpservice. I also recommend you look at Data Stores. You can store data that persists between sessions, and across servers. Data Stores | Roblox Creator Documentation


Oops, didn’t mean to reply to you

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You can look at the links that @verbxtim provided

If anything we have said has helped you, mark the reply that helped the most as the Solution.

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