Sending messages from Discord to Roblox

Hello there!
I know what your thinking, “this has been answered before.” or something, I just want to let you know, that on my terms it has not.
To begin:

  1. What do I to achieve? What I want to achieve is something like: Someone sends a message on discord, it gets send to the game’s chat. Very simple, right?

  2. What have I thought of so far? Well, if you check some topics of “Discord to Roblox” you could find many things, but none are exactly similar to this, as I am trying to put information from Discord into Roblox’s chat.
    So, the chat from discord will need to be filtered.
    I do have a clear module that I have been working on, just I can’t do it on my own.

  3. Why do I want to do this? I want to do this, as I believe Roblox can do many great things! And that I could make some great stuff, with my experience with Roblox, I myself have done many cool things. But this will definitely change Roblox. And that this will be a nice feature.

  4. Some links that could help us
    Discord-To-Roblox Ban bot (This is close to what we want, but it needs heavy editing.)
    Discord to Roblox API (Sadly, this was never answered.)

And thats basically it.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to getting this done and over with.
If you do reply to this, please keep it on-topic and helpful.


This isn’t possible with out setting up your own Discord Bot which can then send the messages to an actual server. Then your game on Roblox can poll this server to get the new messages and show it in Roblox. You can filter the messages then. However, by the time the server polls without causing you to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. The chat would be delayed.

There’s no meaningful way to do this because Discord does not send external webhooks. It only receives them. Even if it could send a webhook. Roblox does not allow us to use webhooks. So the most efficient way to set this up is already blocked.

Therefore this is not possible in any meaningful implementation.

I get what your saying, and I would like to let you know you are wrong, as there is already a method of banning people on a roblox game through discord. All we need to do is change the arguments to be a message, and change it from banning to sending a message in the chat. (Basically.)

And yes, you can not do it directly but we can use another API service.
For banning I use a google spreadsheet.

I actually wrote a Database API for roblox.
You need a bot and my API (or something that does that same thing). When your discord bot detects a new message, they upload it to the Database. You then want your roblox server to make occasional requests to the Database (aka, message scraping). If a new message is detect, take the contents and delete the document so it doesn’t repeat itself.

You’ll need to set up a proxy to host a bot from. Then you’ll need to create a medium to transfer data.

This devforum post accomplishes what you’re looking for. The bot is hosted on Glitch, the data is sent from discord to Google Sheets and then to ROBLOX. You can theoretically use this data model to send anything to ROBLOX using sheets.

That post has the full setup guide for every part of the bot. Good luck!

EDIT: I totally missed that you already referenced the post in your original. My bad! In terms of sending messages from Discord to ROBLOX, you can still accomplish this task with the google sheets. What I would do is create a key for each player who is sending messages to ROBLOX through discord, and then check (every 30s) the google sheets from ROBLOX. Check every single entry in the row of each Key, given it isn’t empty, and send it, then clear the key’s row.

This does require moderate editing of the original forum post’s code as well as the GS script if you want it to work nicely, but that’s comparitively the easy part of the process.


Sorry for this horribly late reply, but do you mind sending me the source in DM’s? Tyler!#8052
EDIT: Sorry, this was for @xJDiviisionZ lol.

Incase you still haven’t found what you were looking for, I have 2 threads: Roblox to Discord API and Roblox External Database API |

The first one is a Webhook module you can use if you wish to use Discord’s server-webhooks to communicate between Roblox and Discord. The second provides a module you can use to upload data to a database where your bot can then interpret it as you deem fit. Hope this helps.

Hello everyone!
I would like to inform you that I have done it!
I will tell you how I did it later.

Hello! I know it been ages but I would love to know how you done it.

Thank you.