Sending the client scripts incrementally instead of all on join

I’m just curious if any of you do this, and what has been your experience?

I’m fairly certain it was stated somewhere that Roblox sent all of the LocalScripts’ bytecode to the clients on join, regardless of whether it ran or not.

If this is the case, incrementally adding them would only be replicating new LocalScript instances, which is not noticeable.


Could you find a source for that?

I don’t do it because it’s not necessary. What’s your use case or problem that you’re trying to solve?

Could you store them somewhere which won’t replicate and then clone them into the player’s backpack when you want to? This would send the scripts and you can control when, so you can then program it to happen incrementally.

EDIT: Sorry, thought you were asking how to do it. No I don’t do this personally.