Senior-high-rank guide

Tasty’s Senior-high-rank guide

First off, we’d like to congratulate you on all your hard work.

Second off, we expect a lot from you all, as an addition to being brought to the team.

Senior-high-rank Expectation guide:

Being the fact you are one of the most essential roles in our group, you are tasked with the one and only important task: Managing LR’s, MR’s, and HR’s.

Here are a few things to help you get started:

  • Supervise MR’s, LR’s, and HR’s.

  • Make sure MR’s, HR’s, and LR’s meet our expectations/standard(s). (If they do not meet standards, you are required to suspend/demote them.)

  • Be a contributor to your peers

This means, you may have to provide materials for your fellow peers, depending on certain circumstances, such as educating them on certain rules, guidelines, or other Important tasks.

  • Remain active, host sessions, and overseer trainings/Interviews.*
    As an SHR, it is YOUR responsibility to help out the team, providing you are active, of course.

  • Professionalism
    Acting unprofessional, in any way, shape, or form, may lead to demotion, depending on certain circumstances.

Any questions?

We’ll be happy to answer them! Just ask a Co-owner+.

-Tasty’s cafe Co-ownership team.