[Senior Realism Terrain Designer] - Experienced, Affordable Senior Terrain Designer looking for work

Current Terrain Designer for: NOOBEstudios - Roblox


Welcome to my portfolio,

I go by many names, but primarily, I am Septhoren, you may refer to me as an abbreviated version such as Septh. I am a highly experienced realism terrain designer with a little over 4 years on the platform from a variety of accounts and studios.

I am primarily accepting short-term contracts, although long-term ones may be accepted depending on my career regarding the future.


I am usually available for several hours daily, but I may take a hiatus over the weekend or on important days of the week.

My work is swift and I can usually conclude my tasks within a day to 3 days depending on the mass.


Personal Projects
Jungle Terrain

Snowy Terrain

Dry Terrain

Public Commissions


More commissions


Payment primarily depends on the size, I work in 3 stages;

Scene - This is usually a small amount of terrain for GFX, photos & video setting scenes.
Half - This is usually a large proportion of a map, usually either finishing it or working beside a team.
Map - This is a full map.

A Half is negotiable.
A Full is negotiable.

Ratings and Prior Commissions

NOOBEstudios - Roblox - Primary Terrain Designer - Happily concluded.

CIA | Central Intelligence Agеncy - Roblox - Full 7.5Kx7.5K map in 2 days. - No issues.
ANNAPURNA Climbing Roleplay - Roblox - Currently commissioning a 8,500x8,500 map.

Interested? Contact me.