'Separate Device Servers' toggle


I just found out that after players die on mobile a certain edge case can happen and the entire game breaks for them. PC is fine, though.

I have lots of people playing on PC that I don’t want to shut down, but I do want to shut down the mobile players. If I could just separate mobile and PC players into separate servers using a game setting that’d be great. Then turn the ‘Shut down all servers’ button into a ‘Shutdown’ button which opens a prompt asking you which devices’ servers you’d like to shut down.


So you want to turn off cross platform features in order to categorize your servers and shut them down by platform?


I mean, there is a way, but it’ll take a hell of a lot longer if we had this ‘setting’.
Here is it:

When a player Joins:

  • Check if they’re on mobile or PC
    • If on mobile, teleport them to a mobile-only place.
    • If on PC, don’t teleport them.

I believe that this block of code will help:


This case seems like a very rare one, I think there would be many web features to add before this would get attention.

Could you find out whether or not it’s touch screen, accelerometer, lack of mouse enabled? or something else that constitutes being a mobile device rather than PC, that actually caused this game breaking issue? Once you find that you’ll be on your way again.