Separate mod messages from Editor- users

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find user-made messages, with all of the user-to-mod flag replies.

In the picture shown below, you are able to see many replies from mods, with only 4 of them all being from actualy users.

It would be nice if you would be able to sort/separate/filter messages sent by admins and sent by normal users (Editor- rank).


It shouldn’t be needed to get separated, as a member you agree’d to read and to apply to the DevForum rules.

You should be totally cautious and aware on what to do after 1 week and should get 1 flag every 10-100 posts.

Its no big deal if you follow the obvious

Why though is it needed? If your post got deleted, most of the times, you’d appeal and keep the PM at top. If you don’t appeal in a given time, there’s no point asking the post to be unlocked, and can make a new one as well, if it was falsely moderated.

Above replies are misinterpreting the post, let me explain.

Most of these flags on here are from the user flagging other users. Notice how none of them say “Feedback: Off-topic Reply” etc. etc.

I haven’t been flagged in months, and I have this problem from flagging users with the “Something Else” button. I support this, it’s very hard to find some old messages with all of the flag clutter.


Actually these messages happen when you report a post not when you get reported.

I need this feature as these messages always clog up my DMs.

Same things apply, People should be at a point where there’s no way to break a rule without noticiding most of the time

Which will let us report less

There will always be users that purposely break the rules because to them it’s for ‘fun’, especially with how lean moderation is here compared to the official site.

“People should also stop breaking laws, so let’s get rid of all law enforcement.”

Just because something should be occurring, doesn’t mean we should stop all progress because of the opposite being true.