Separate quick access name and icon for plugins on ribbon mode

In my plugin I have separate icons for ribbon vs system menu since they’re at different resolutions, but then ribbon goes and shrinks my icon anyway for the quick access toolbar. It also uses the button name, which I’m not fond of, since ideally the plugin name would be in the button name on the toolbar, which the plugin bar already has the plugin name under the buttons.

What I’m talking about

The button name thing might be confusing, so I’ll explain it better: on the plugin bar your plugin’s name is already under the buttons (note the words Animation Editor 2) so you end up not including those words on your button’s name because that would create clutter. But, since the quick access toolbar uses button names and disregards plugin names you end up with nondescriptive button names. What does the button edit? There’s lots of things it could edit. I should be able to call it something more descriptive.


Also a custom description and default shortcut here

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