Separate Section for RDC?

Only staff members would be allowed to create a topic there.
would be interesting to see RDC history etc.

could be pretty handy and more organized, what do you guys think?

We did this last year and I imagine we may do the same again this year closer to the time. Nothing is set in stone but it was a good idea last year, and it’s a good idea this year too! :grin:


Personally, I think it’s best that it be permanent, since, i’m guessing, there will be an RDC yearly. Also, would be great for going back and whatnot!

It’d probably only be used 3 months out of the 12 at best. Not really worth it :frowning:

I beg to differ. There are already RDC threads coming out (one, so far) and it isn’t even 2018 yet.
Sure, it may not be used for a couple months, but it still will be used at least once every two months (or more when the dates get nearer).

Lounge is fine for most of the year :eyes:

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