Separate section(s) for more detailed information than a bio

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to fit all of the detailed information I want to (11 years of Roblox development) into the 500 character limit of a bio, especially because I’d like to outline all of my skills individually.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would allow me to both have a short, concise bio that employers can easily look at and get a good idea of myself, as well as having a section (or sections) for much more detailed, longer information that might not be related to any particular time period or project I might list under experiences, the kind of stuff generally just related to skills or qualities.

Having a way to include this kind of detailed info might also allow me to write with more flow from one paragraph/section to the next compared to breaking or splitting it up across projects, of which just aren’t meant for that.

There’s a few different ways I quickly came up with to give a more clear idea of what I am sort of asking for and kind of just brain storming a little. I know it’s not recommended to offer proposals, but the last one will shock you (web designer regrets it)

  • A way to just add big markdown sections with a big character limit.
  • A (much) bigger bio section
  • Being able to create more “sub pages” similar to the creator page (without the stuff that doesn’t make sense)
  • A similar multi-section feature to projects, but, for skills and other stuff. Here’s a list of feature ideas:
    • Optional section titles
    • Tagging sections with one or more skills to outline what the section describes
    • Dragging to reorder
    • Collapsible or dynamically shown content (e.g. spoiler, slideshow-style, etc)
    • Summarizing (or even a whole other method of browsing) creators based on searched skills (e.g. if you search by Programmer as a skill, showing the sections tagged with the Programmer skill)

This post is also partially related to the problem outlined in this request: Completely discard the Talent Hub character limit

also yes that was a Dhar Mann reference in the middle of my post :sunglasses: