Separate tab on a game's page describing it's Premium Benefits

As a Roblox developer it’s currently hard to describe to it’s player’s and/or newer players it’s Premium Benefits. With Roblox Premium replacing Builders Club it’s maintained most of the same features from it’s predecessor. However, it has also gained more features for the better after it’s release, such as Premium exclusive items in the UGC catalog, Premium Payouts for developers, and Premium Benefits for developers games. Currently the system for indicating to the game’s players it’s Premium Benefits is to add it to your game’s description or imply it in your game somewhere where the player will see it and know what it means. Some games do this very well, a prime example being Arsenal with it’s game description and separate section in it’s menu with it’s in-game Battle Pass. However, this can be very inefficient since most players don’t read the game’s description or know much about Premium Benefits altogether. Making it difficult for developers to implement these features if they know it might not be seen or noticed by it’s players.
If Roblox addresses this issue a great solution I see is adding a fourth tab to the game’s play-page. Currently there are three tabs on a game’s page listing it’s About (where Premium Benefits are to be listed), the game’s Gamepasses, and it’s current server instances.

The ability to add an optional fourth tab to the game’s tabs would be used to describe it’s Premium Benefits. This could be toggled on or off in the game’s settings so if your game doesn’t have any benefits it wouldn’t be taking up any space on it’s page. This tab could also have a link to redirect players to the Premium purchase page, and giving seperate thumbnails with possible images of what these benefits will give the player.
An example could be a Rainbow Trail benefit given to premium players, so on this new tab they’d add it’s usage and images of the benefit.
Overall, it’s currently a struggle for developers to indicate their game’s premium benefits to it’s players, which could potentially be solved by the inclusion of a new game’s tab specifically to give a description of it’s premium benefits.