Serendipity Support Clinic - Affiliate Guide/Requirements

Hello there people of Serendipity! Everyday the Public Relations Team attempts to retrieve alliances as a benefit to our community. Though if you are interested in becoming affiliates with Serendipity Support Clinic, there will be steps to becoming official alliances with Serendipity due to us having alliance requirements. Please read these requirements carefully as we don’t want any confusion between one and another.

Alliance Requirements

  • Must have acquired 25,000 or more members disregarding bots.
  • More than 1,000 members in your communications server (Discord).
  • Have 20+ concurrent players on your main game.
  • Have communicative and collaborative representatives willing to announce our events prepared if our partnership ever forms.
  • Has to be some sort of business. For instance, we do not affiliate with Military Roleplay groups or Fan Groups.

Alliance Questions

  1. What is the name of the company that you are trying to affiliate with Serendipity? Please link your group URL and Discord invite.

  2. Why would you like to affiliate with us over hundreds of thousands of other businesses?

  3. How many total current group members does your group contain?

  4. What benefits could you deliver to Serendipity?

  5. What genre is your group? (Cafe, restaurant, etc.)

  6. Does your main game consistently receive 15+ concurrent players? If you are a homestore group that does not receive this amount of players, your group is exempt from this requirement. (Statistics will be checked.)

Note: We love to make exceptions for groups that don’t meet some requirements, but still have something very special to them! (for example, if you are a mostly Discord based server with over 10,000 members, we would be able to make exceptions.) Just send the group links and we will decide.

Once you have read these requirements and is willing to ally with Serendipity, please contact one of our 4 Public Relations Officers on Discord!

Also feel free to ask us any questions in the process. Thank you for reading and have a stunning day! We wish you luck with affiliating with Serendipity Support Clinic.


Requirements have been changed! Here are is the changelog:

- 5,000 Group Members —> 10,000 Group Members

- 250 Discord Members —> 500 Discord Members


- 10,000 Group Members —> 25,000 Group Members

*- 500 Discord Members —> 1,000 Discord Members

Don’t forget these two very crucial and important requirements!

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