Serenity Studios

About Us

Hello, we are Serenity Studios, a newly emerged upcoming game studio hoping to bring out the next amazing games here on the platform! We are striving for success and are in the planning phase of our new project, not yet named, MMORPG. It will be largely based on the MMORPG Albion Online, with having one of the main game factors, large player war mechanisms.

The game will have many different worlds and islands where players can participate in many activities and jobs. There will be clans/armies where players will be able to recruit and work for their army away from the frontlines. I recommend you watch videos on Albion Online, especially war ones, which will show in more detail what this game will be like, however, ours will not be as magic-based, and more weapon-based.

About The Job

What makes you a “better” candidate?

  • Working inside Roblox development teams before
  • More than one skill in Roblox developing
  • 3D modeling skills

What are the requirements?

  • Experience building in Roblox Studio
  • A passion for Roblox development
  • Creativity, and the ability to commit good ideas to the team
  • Ability to work set hours, which will be agreed by you
  • Strong community engagement and communication skills

What will you do?

  • Plan with other members of the team good ideas and gameplay additions
  • Use the default terrain editor to sculpt maps.
  • Build the models that aren’t made by 3D modelers, some buildings etc.
  • Ensure all assets fit within the game, and it’s art style, and work well on all platforms.
  • Work alongside 3D Modelers to create assets together and add them in together.


We will be paying you a percentage , however, we have other games and other projects close to release, which you will get revenue out of them whilst the game is being worked on.
This percentage will be negotiated by you, as well as your working times and other factors of your position.

Contact Us

To apply, email serenity.apply@gmail.com with the title “BUILDER”
You must be 13 years or older to apply for this position.

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