[Serious!] Jailbreak players cannot purchase items

[[Resolved after working with engineers.]

I’ve been getting reports since early Saturday morning that players in Jailbreak cannot purchase items with their “Money” in the garage. They also cannot rent apartments. Today I checked the game out as I saw more and more messages, and found it was true.

This happens every time since around late Friday or early Saturday. Try going into a garage and purchasing something you do not own yet.

We haven’t changed any of the game in about 4 weeks. It’s not related to a change we made.

This error appears when you try to purchase something.

involves __namecall which is not standard Lua.



Quite an interesting bug, I don’t think I can even come up with a temporary solution. I have had no problems with game passes or purchases, yet. :thinking:


This does not affect gamepasses or developer products, but purchasing items with virtual “Money” in game.

I’m working with a few people at Roblox to fix this but the engineers are out of the office. I was asked to make a dev forum post.


Oh… I see… Does anything pop up when in studio? Anything at all such as in output or in script analysis?

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Friend of mine (SteamyMu) asked me to post this for him because he isn’t a member of the forums.

"As this metamethod is only fired for userdata, along with the fact that the error in the image says “Object” rather than a value type, such as Vector3, I can only assume you’re directly calling an instance.

Here’s a repro

Could you post the line that errors (1777) and a few lines around it? That might help debug the issue.


__namecall also fires if you do Userdata:Method(...), which’ll call __namecall(Userdata,...,Method) instead of __index(Userdata,"Method")(Userdata,...) (unless it isn’t userdata or it has no__namecall metafield)

I doubt they’re directly calling an instance, but on the other hand, it seems weird that the method parameter suddenly disappears. They didn’t change anything, though, so it’s most likely Roblox’ fault.

I’m curious to the line of code too (that line 90 for sure, maybe 1777 too)

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They are actively working on it right now :slight_smile: Will let you know when I hear more.


Thank you. Please keep us updated.

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You know how when a game sits it usually breaks due to roblox’s updates? That’s kind of what I was thinking happened.

We last updated twenty some days ago. This is also not what the issue ended up being.


Oh, well I hope whatever is causing the issue will be resolved quickly.