Server chat having UiGraident colors in chat

Hello, How could I achieve something like the image below? (Color wise) I tried looking for some tutorials but nowhere seems to have the answer I’m looking for.

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From the screenshot, it looks like they are using the old chat system, rather than the new text chat service. I am assuming that the chat system in your screenshot makes use of the :SetCore(“ChatMakeSystemMessage”, …) method of creating a message in chat, rather than the :SendMessage function of a speaker object, as that results in it being a single instance instead of 2.

Based on that, this is how I would go about implementing it.

  • Have the message sent using :SetCore()

  • A local script would listen to the Scroller frame of chat for any new messages being added (childAdded)

  • If the TextLabel of the added frame has a child TextButton, then it is a player message. Otherwise, it is added through :SetCore()

  • If it is a :SetCore() message, then add the gradient as a child to the text label.

I wrote up some quick code that does this, shown below:

local Gradient = script.Gradient -- UIGradient
local Scroller = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("Chat").Frame.ChatChannelParentFrame.Frame_MessageLogDisplay.Scroller

task.wait(2) -- To avoid getting the initial message that shows commands that is built into Roblox
	local TextLabel = child.TextLabel
	if TextLabel:FindFirstChildOfClass("TextButton") then 
	Gradient:Clone().Parent = TextLabel

local function SendServerMessage(Message: string)
	game.StarterGui:SetCore("ChatMakeSystemMessage", {Text=Message})

game.ReplicatedStorage.SendMessage.OnClientEvent:Connect(SendServerMessage) -- Remote Event

-- Demonstration:
SendServerMessage("[Server] PoppyandNeivaarecute just posted something on the Roblox Devforums!")


Note that this code adds the gradient to ALL server messages, not just a particular one. If you require it to be only for certain messages, then you can mess around with the code I provided a bit to get it just how you want it!

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