Server Console not showing in a Studio local server?

Howdy. When using a local server to test my game in Studio, the developer console shows information for the client but it is completely blank whenever I switch to the server tab. I know this is an issue specific to Studio because the server tab is not blank whenever I play the game the normal way.

Is there any way to fix this, or any way to see server output/errors without needing the console? This has been a big pain when trying to test things - many of the features in my game require multiple players, and it is a hassle having to ask someone else to join every time I need to take a look at what shows up in the console.

^^ Here’s what I mean when I say the console is empty. This screenshot was taken from a local server in Studio. When I join the game from the Roblox webpage, this issue does not occur.

You can use the Output window: Output | Roblox Creator Documentation

The Output window, accessible from the View tab, displays errors captured from running scripts, messages from Roblox engine, messages from calls to print(), and errors from calls to warn().