Server crashes randomly at different memory

Greetings everyone, the second time I’ve made a post due to this problem.

My game has experienced an error 277 everytime a server is running since August 2023.
The thing is, there are no script timeouts, no warnings, the server just stops responding and all players are disconnected with either error 277 or error 279.

I’ve did a bit of check on the console while the server lasted, this included:

  • Checking script rates (all of them are kept below 9 r/s, while they can increase but at last decreased back to 9 r/s).
  • Using the script profiler on both server and client, results are attached on this post.
  • Checked server memory and client memory right after crash for multiple times, the results are:
    • 1652 MB at the first server crash, server has 62 people.
    • 2001 MB at the second server crash, server has 101 people.
    • (Client) 2430 MB at the first server crash
    • (Client) 2512 MB at the second server crash

I would really like to solve this problem and really need your help, if you have any solutions, please do tell me, I’ll also attach any needed scripts.
Thank you VERY MUCH!!! :heart:


I know this post is from last month, but has anyone else been having non-stop random server shutdowns over the last few days? I even reverted to a version of my game from a week ago and it is still happening, so I don’t think it’s caused by my coding.

I’m still facing this problem, no solutions yet honestly

My issue was finally resolved after shutting off two of roblox’s ‘communications’ toggles. It was the voice-chat and camera-animation options, if your game has either of those Roblox features enabled I would try turning those off and then updating/restarting the servers to see if that helps.