Server Crashes with Complete Inconsistency

Description: The game’s servers will randomly crash with no sort of indication as to why. These crashes are entirely random with seemingly no correlation to anything specific in game.

Where: NVZRR Testing Place - Roblox

When: September 19th, 2023 - Present (Ongoing)

Reproduction: Play the game for a while. Currently we don’t have enough information to find a specific root cause. Notably happens when playing with a larger amount of users (~8+)

Update 2023-11-04: Further research leads us to believe that the issue may be related to physics handling and/or pathfindingservice use. This is due to the issue being most common in the “Lawless Dunes” map (now temporarily removed) which would utilize many NPCs and objects.

Update 2024-11-04: Recent introduction of a new mutant titled “The Mold” is known to cause server crashes but I am unable to diagnose why with the provided tools. Furthermore, the map “Lawless Dunes” has been re-enable and reworked, with crash rates being minimal (likely due to there being less npcs and physics parts). All of that being said, random server crashes are still happening on occasion.

The Mold is likely server crashing dude to some sort of process interacting with it’s extensive part-count, or perhaps the server is running out of memory? Here is the creature for reference: . That being said, it is worth clarifying that server crashes do happen WITHOUT the presence of this mutant, so that is not the single cause.



We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for the report!

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Any updates on this? I’ve noticed an increase in server crashing recently and I believe it could be related to the recently deployed pathfindingservice changes.

Hello! Just added some extra information about the post, still waiting for any updates on the situation!

i’ve had the same issue before. had to remove pathfinding apis and replace them with A* pathfinding, which you can look up on your own. pathfinding is the issue, and i wouldn’t expect it to be fixed any time soon unless a consistent repro can be created