Server delays (Gets worse over time)

After like 4h+ usually the game starts having delay problems which just seem to get worse with time. This majorly affects the game-play so we want to know how we can get this fixed??
I think it may be caused by memory leak because it can go up to like 3k after a long time (and that’s not normal) but I’ve had another dev look at it too and he didn’t really see anything that would be causing it.

This is the game its for btw

Check the F9 stats memory and script activity

I can relate this to two different forum posts here… with same issues.
It’s either the ‘streaming sounds’…

…or the untracked memory.

What you have described sounds exactly like a memory leak. Basically, what is happening is that connections or other resources aren’t being properly disposed of causing them to hang around in memory forever. Gradually over time, the garbage collector will begin to slow down due to all of the resources and connections stored in memory. This will cause lag and eventually can even cause the server to crash which may result in other issues such as players losing their data.

I would recommend taking a look at this topic from @stravant as it full of very useful information.

If you have any further questions on memory leaks, feel free to reply to my post or message me on the DevForum and I should be able to help you out.

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Except I’ve proven and provided repro file for the ‘Streaming Sounds’ leak. It’s a roblox issue not fixable by developers.

Untracked memory I think might be if you store stuff in a table, might be roblox issue (but prob not) but I’ve not found it yet.