StreamingSounds memoryleak [INCL. REPRO]


The issue
Sounds created on server -> played on client -> destroyed on server, will forever claim memory inside StreamingSounds clause on the server. Even when stopped and destroyed by client aswell.

How to use repro:

  1. Create server
  2. Join with a player
  3. View the PerformanceStats > Memory > PlaceMemory > StreamingSounds increase (server-side)

Repro: StreamingSoundRepro.rbxl (13.8 KB)

Server delays (Gets worse over time)

Thank you for including a repro file and the steps to get to the issue.

It has been filed internally for engineers to look into it :slight_smile:


Honestly, this memory leak has lasted for like over a month already. The numbers in ‘StreamingSounds’ is bulked up for some reason.

Sound instances that use the same large sounds leak Streaming Sounds memory on the server

Could we get an update on what’s been done sofar?


Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately this is taking longer than expected since its a tough issue to fix.

We’re expecting a fix in the next couple of weeks. I’ll update the thread once the fix is live.