Server disconnect in italian every 5 minuets

1.What do you want to achieve?
I want to stop the server from kicking me every 5 minuets and saying “Server Kick Message: Tara ha chiuso il server perchè sei down” in the studio command bar

  1. What is the issue? I have a virus i think

  2. What solutions have you tried so far? I tried ctrl shift f and look for kick, dissconect, fire server, but found nothing. Also It says Disconnect from some ip and port number

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Try looking for “Tara ha chiuso il server perchè sei down”, or “require”

How about require? I mean it could just actually be a roblox issue so if there’s nothing for require either, try reinstalling roblox. Does the problem persist in other places though?

so it only happens in roblox studio is what ive realized but idk why its in italian

Are you using VPN? Unless I am looking at this post wrong. Check your languages, check Servers IG

no vpn but it is coming from some port on a local ip

Ig, Switch all plugins off, and check any scripts that are unusual, disable all scripts as well.

Done but after 5 min it still does the same message but only in studio

I feel like it could be a Plugin, you sure you disabled all plugins. Like what the first person said:
try find all require

found it finally it was a rain plug in that accesd a git hub page

Nice, I knew it was a plugin. Just make sure to always check that your newer plugins dont affec tthe game. Have a good day!!!

thanks, you too!

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