Server disconnection, Error Code: 277


I’ve been working on a new game and it has entered into its private alpha testing phase and my testers get disconnected at random, sometimes a few minutes in, sometimes hours in.
In studio test play it’s even liable to happen, my whole studio will say it has crashed and closes. Can happen when the game seems to be under light load or heavy load.

I have no way of reproducing this and haven’t been able to determine any patterns.

I hypothesize it’s the pathfinding system because it’s my first time using it and I haven’t had an issue like this before. I had my game AFK running offline overnight and without using the pathfinding service as a test and it didn’t crash, so the PathfindingSService being the perpetrator is my only idea.

Anyone getting Error Code 277?


Probably a ROBLOX bug or their internet, I have no errors just to confirm.


I can say that I’m getting this error on multiple games. This happens when I join any game.
However, I’ve got Error Code 260


i have this error to

It appears there are something wrong with the servers, my sister and friends have complained of not being able to join games.

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Multiple Roblox staff have privately confirmed that they are aware and and are fixing it.

Community feedback suggest it’s widespread. - Roblox Discord from mrow_pizza

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The engineers are already aware of the issue, they’re fixing it.



Seems like a message is now appearing in the top of the page informing about the issues to players.

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Can reproduce. Sounds like ROBLOX is aware now.

Edit: Fix is rolling out soon - HellaAric឵

Yeah but this error is at least 10 days old for me, it’s not something brand new, and was not happening to my main stable game(for me), only my new alpha game.

This is a general error that indicates your client’s connection to the server is dead. Might be caused by server side crashes or client’s device is experiencing some internet connection issue.

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Yes it’s the server failing, and can happen online or offline for me. I have no idea why it happens, it’s something I must solve. Is my specific error the one that’s being looked into or is that a different one?

This is a different one, which I think in your case would mostly caused by server crashes.

I do not know why I do not get any error when playing a Roblox game :neutral_face:
Pd: Sorry if I wrote this wrong since I am Spanish and translated this into English with the Google translator.

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Why does it happen to me online and offline and not to my main game with a regular playerbase? And will this issue be fixed soon? I can’t really release the game with this crashing

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Could you explain more about happening online/offline for you? I am not quite sure about what you mean here.
There could be cases that some of your code triggers a crash in server, i.e the PathFindingService is handling an over-complex case and the server instance crashes as it runs out of memory. After that your connection to server will be dead as the server you are connecting to is dead by itself. Because of this, you might need to analyze by yourself about the server crashes. We would really appreciate you sharing your findings here as it would also help us improving our server’s stability as it might be an edge case that we are not covering well right now.

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I mean I can play/start a server in studio and this serverside crash will happen, but it can also happen in a live online server.

None of my paths are complex, it’s a fairly tile-like and the perimeter of the entire map is approx 280x280. It has happened when the game was under such light load that I don’t even know how I could try to prevent this issue if it even was the pathfinding service causing it.

I have a couple log dmp files if they are of use to you, I’ll send one of them to you

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This have also been happening for me, the error is already 5 days old and i cant seem to find a pattern of what is causing the disconnections of multiple games.

Oh and the Error Code is always different, 203, 260, 277 etc

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It hasn’t happened to me in a week or two. Doesn’t mean the issue was fully fixed, though I have no idea what the original issue was.


This is happening all the time to our game (Vehicle Simulator). Servers affected also fail to function at all (Coregui breaks, server-scripts break).