Server fill customization not working properly

I have a game that relies heavily on its social experience. The map is very large, so when there are less than ~40 players in a server, it often feels empty and makes people bored and want to leave.

However, when I set it so that each server fills completely, it doesn’t seem to work and creates smaller servers, which completely ruins the experience for the players in those servers.

I’m not entirely sure if there’s a workaround to this issue, but it would be very helpful if it was fixed. I’m not sure why this occurs, but it may be fixed if the “fill each server as full as possible” worked in a way where it filled up the fullest servers first before moving on to the next server instead of randomizing which server a player joins.


You can create a new server by blocking someone in a server and clicking play. Players most likely have each other blocked, which results in the creation of a new server.


Same issue is plaguing my group games, but none of my group members have each other blocked.


Filling servers does not work, and it seems as if it isn’t just me.

This is the setting I am using under the place. Yet, I am getting multiple reports from players that they are getting put into different servers.

Detailed description of the bug: Not sure how detailed it can really get. I am trying to use a feature on the site, and it just isn’t working as expected. I would like to place all players in the available servers first before creating a new one.

Where the bug happens: Uhh… the website? The engine? Not really sure what to say.

When it started happening: Yesterday, when my game started getting some attention.

Steps to reproduce: Enable the setting shown above.

System specs: not relevant

Game link: Combat Demo - Roblox
Will redirect you to a place called Combat Demo, but I can assure you the setting is shown as above, for both the game and the place.


My game’s player count has greatly increased since this post and most of the servers have started to fill up like normal:

So I have concluded that this problem only occurs on games with large servers and less than around 50-100 players like the game you mentioned… Still weird though


I have had this issue since last December. It occurs in my game which doesn’t even get a lot of traffic when there are plenty of server slots open. It is really annoying.


I have had this issue for my game for a long time. It cost me players as it is meant to be a team effort game. It would be nice to actually see a server get up to 100 players instead of a new one being formed at only 10?


I believe I read about this the other day and why Roblox does this: even if you have it set to fill the servers as full as possible, Roblox will not automatically place players in servers that they have a bad connection to. If the server shows bad latency with the player, it’ll just open a new server where they are close to. Considering this it’s logical why the servers always seem to split up at a lower amount of players, but then equalize with more players: if the only open server is in the US, a European player might trigger a new server. A player from Australia might trigger another to open. Now, any players that join will (most likely) find a suitable server, and thus it won’t open new ones. So it’ll be able to fill up those servers without creating new ones AND place players in a minimal latency server. Hope that clears it up.


I understand why they would do that, but it just doesn’t work for my game. My game is very social, in fact that’s pretty much the entire game. When people are put into servers by themselves, it’s really hard to grow my game. I wish that the fill servers setting actually filled your servers.


I have the same problem as you as filled your servers don’t actually fill up your servers


This happens to me as well, it is really damaging to games like mine that rely on large player encounters.


Still happening to me. Anyone got any word on a fix for this? Seems to have been around for an incredibly long time and is quite damaging.


I think this issue has only gotten worse as of late. My game is a group’s headquarters game and so naturally I would like all the players in the same server, but even with the settings on “fill each server as full as possible” and after resetting all servers, the game still starts multiple small, generally under 25 player servers instead of putting all players into one server, as the setting clearly suggests should be happening.

This has been happening pretty badly over the last few months, but for the last couple days, it has been even worse, and when my game has, say, 60 players on, Roblox will often divide the game into three 20 person servers or even into four servers. It is having a detrimental affect on my group’s ability to participate with one another. I am sure I am speaking for everyone when I say we would really appreciate a looking into about this issue. Thanks.

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Agreed. I’m pretty sure now that is does not occur when people block each other like others above were saying because of how often it is happening now. It is really detrimental to the experience of the games and is a hindrance for growing games.


That’s a great guess. This seems okay for large, front page games, but yeah, for small/growing games, and especially group HQ games, it is a huge hindrance. Usually my group’s game has anywhere from 40 to 90 players during the day, but for the last two or three days, this bug/“feature” has been causing that number to split and stratify into two to three 20-30 person servers.

If it is that people have other players blocked, maybe this shouldn’t trigger when the game has the fill all servers option and instead only trigger when the let Roblox fill my servers for me option. That would allow large games to use this feature, if that is indeed what is causing it, but also allow us with smaller games to not have multiple, small servers.


Please throw us a bone, Roblox. Splitting 48 players among four servers is not doing my game any favors.


This is still an ongoing issue, very frustrating how I’m barely able to get any servers above 50 players.

We were able to shutdown servers to just shrink it down to a single server.

However, literally SECONDS later, roblox is creating a bunch of servers for no reason.

Why is roblox optimizing server fill for me? Shouldn’t it be filling each server as full as possible before creating another one?

I’ve been having this problem for a very long time, likely over a year, however now I’ve gotten increasingly frustrated by it. I honestly feel that “Fill each server as full as possible” is just a placebo and really doesn’t do anything different than the first option.

Please fix this, the lack of any server fill control is devastating for me.


It might be an error. Or it may be something else.

I think sometimes someone is in another server region, so the people in that region will fill the other servers because it’s their region. Roblox is like that sometimes. I’m not sure.

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The people in all the servers seem to be English speakers (although that does not necessarily determine region). Even if so, I’d much rather play with a few people who don’t speak English than to play with nobody.