Server FPS decreases over time and Ping rises

Server FPS decreases over time and i don’t know what to do: I have already checked for the memory leaks (I clean up everything after the work is done), i also optimized the client-server communication to the maximum, but still it didn’t help.

I am sure the problem is in memory leaks but roblox console tools doesn’t give me enough information. I was hoping that maybe FPS drops due to characters, because i connect a 0.1s loop on every character (of course itll be cleaned once character is destroyed) to change their health, limb health and ragdoll time, but no, when i destroyed all the characters and disabled respawns on the full server of people server FPS and Ping did not go up.

My question is: is there a helpful tool that would help me find a script that causes perfomance problems? i really need help it decreases player impressions of the game.

1.It can be due to the server having problems or error code,costing it to lag.
2.I nfitine yield possible is also an error

Errors and prints in the output can cause the server to start slowing down after a good amount of time, make sure you minimize the amount of prints you use, and make sure to use :WaitForChild() efficiently, also make sure there are little to no errors in your scripts.

My go to here would be to use F9 and check Scripts to see which is either consuming over 1% Activity or is firing excessively frequently shown by Rate/s.