Server invisibility, but visible on the Client

Is it possible to make your Character go invisible on the Server, but still visible on the Client?

Just make that in a local script, each player is going invisible expect you. You dont need to put it invisible on the server.

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I’m pretty sure you can using remote events. Turn the player invisible on serverside and call the local script to make them revisible client side.


Make the Character invisible on the Server and then Change it to visible on the Client.

This will give you a rundown on Server Vs Client:,any%20other%20piece%20of%20code.

If you make them invisible on the server everyone will see it happen. If you was to change it on the client, only that player would see it.

So using this, you make the player invisible in the server script, and then make them visible again on the client. This means to everyone else you are invisible.

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I’m aware. That is going to be the main goal for a project I am working on.

Once you understand the client vs server. You will know what you need to do.

I wouldn’t dabble in remote events or anything like that until you have that basic understanding

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  1. As @Scefrom suggested, locally render everyone except yourself invisible, however this is easy to be taken advantage of…

  2. Render everyone invisible on the server and then locally render yourself as @XDvvvDX suggested, this while safer could lead to clients desyncing. Meaning this approach is more prone to performance hits.

Weigh the pros and cons on each.

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This is pretty much what I ment, but on the server I would be completely invisible.

just add a listener on the client so that when your characters transparency changes it will make them visible.

You can set the Transparency of a Part to 1 on the server, and use the LocalTransparencyModifier property on the client to set Parts visible only on the client.

Everything seems to work for the most part. Only thing I am unhappy about is the face decal and the Hair/Hats. Other than that, heres the final result.