Server is out of sync with clients

When the red robot turns its head it will fire a remote event to make it turn head in the workspace. But in the gray robot client, it can’t see the red robot turned head.
(The head turn by Motor6D.)

I already fix this with let the server fire a remote event to all clients but I am so confused about how is this happening? I hope to know why will happen the thing like this?

Since the red robot head is rotating in its client and in the server but just not in other clients, that means that it probably is some local script that overwritting the red robot’s rotation. try disabling all local scripts in one of the clients and maybe you’ll be able to debug from there which script might be causing the problem

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Sorry, I still don’t get it. Isn’t I rotate the red robot head in the server then the clients also rotate the red robot head? Why will it be just like a local script?

note: Why will the script that rotate the red robot head will be like a local script?

Objects and their changes in the server should automatically replicate to all clients by default, unless you are either doing some sort of manual replication or you are overwriting the robots’ behavior with local scripts as @welololol mentioned.

Assuming you are not doing some sort of custom replication, (which is complex and you would definitely know if you are doing that,) it is most likely that you have a local script locally overwriting what is being replicated from the server.

@welololol gave a good suggestion. Try running your game with 2 players, and then delete/disable all the local scripts for that player. If it then works, you know you are overwriting then server’s replication. If it doesn’t work, then there is some sort of replication issue.

Hope this helps!

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I think I understand now. Thank you and @welololol!

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