Server List Search

As a Roblox player, you probably find it hard to find a server for you and your friends. You eventually give up, remembering the are twenty thousand accounts playing your favourite game while scrolling through server lists like this:

Don’t tell me you’ve never experienced this! What you and I need is a filter. Not only does it benefit us—it’ll benefit the entire Roblox community who wants to play with their friends! I mean, it’s hard to find space when servers are small like these ones, and sometimes even with larger servers, so we need to be able to filter by numbers. We need to be able to type in “one player” to find a fresh server for you to play with your friends (because scrolling through thousands of servers can be a pain in the oof).

Maybe it would take a while and thus may not be the number one priority, but it could be implemented eventually. I mean, the average player spends about three minutes finding a server for one friend in the average large-server game. With small games, I know it takes much longer, and if you want to play with multiple friends and family, you’re usually out of luck.

Potential risks:

  • Could be used abusively
  • Would take a long time and some hard work

I think for joining games in groups, technically the party feature is what they have in place for this use case.

From my experience, parties don’t affect the size of the servers you join.

Do they now?

Personally I think every search feature should have the start/next/back/last buttons.