Server Log History (Released)

Or something like trello would work even.

Trello is also not meant for logging…


If you’d really like to go the external route I suggest using something that is purpose built for error logging, such as Sentry. You should ensure that any service you are using for logging allows it in their terms of service, otherwise you will have problems.

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Agreed, I think Discord/Roblox only recently allowed you to use the webhook in-game.

If people begin using it for logging (as stated, against TOS) then they may block the webhook again / whatever they did before.

I prefer being able to rely on the actual Discord webhook than proxies.

I think I’m missing something incredibly basic, but how do you set this up to make it start working?

Edit: Nevermind I’m an absolute idiot haha

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Awesome, this will come in handy.