Server memory slowly goes up over time. Possibly related to network ownership?

Here is a link to my game for anyone who is curious: Turtle Island - Roblox

I am having an issue where servers can become very laggy after a period of time. (requests taking 1-3 seconds to execute) I am having a bit of trouble narrowing down the issue. The most alarming thing that might be related is that untracked memory and network replicator tend to occupy the most amount of memory, and seem to go up over time. In my game, players have turtles that follow them. These are constructed with a part that contains a BodyPosition and BodyGyro and are moved by the client. The server gives network ownership to the clients. What is interesting is that the network ownership seems to deplete at random times for random players and turtles will rubberband around the map until network ownership is set again. I really have no idea what’s going on. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Update: Joined a popular server in my game. The server memory seems to be pretty high at 1646 MB. Seems that network cache and network raknet are actually more of the culprits here. Would appreciate any advice.

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Does this happen with MeshParts specifically or does it also apply to parts with meshes in them?

I’m not exactly sure. I’ve tried to reproduce it with meshparts and I was able to, but I haven’t tried any other kinds of parts.