Server not receiving FireServer

When client sends a FireServer, the server just doesn’t recieve it.


game.ReplicatedStorage.RemoteEvents.PlayerInteraction:FireServer(interactPart, pressedKeyCode, operation)


game.ReplicatedStorage.RemoteEvents.PlayerInteraction.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, interactPart, pressedKeyCode, operation)

The output tab shows that it printed “fired” every time its ran, but it never prints “received”

Also no errors are showing.

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The issue might be the client fired earlier than the server listening to the event.

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Is the server script parented to ServerScriptService or any other service that can run scripts?

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Based on my knowledge, FireServer isn’t a connection, you can’t just do print() inside of it.
try removing print(“fired”) and the end)
(Unless that’s from another part of the script that isn’t shown of course)

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The reason its not working correctly is because you’re not meant to use FireServer that way.
Mentioned above me, FireServer is not a connection.
Its meant for “Firing” from the client to the server.
More information is stated in the Remote Event FireServer documentation.

I wrote you an example script which shows the correct way to fire a remote event.
I don’t know what your arguments are so i made some up:

local interactPart = "ExamplePart"
local pressedKeyCode = Enum.KeyCode.E
local operation = "ExampleOperation"

PlayerInteraction:FireServer(interactPart, pressedKeyCode, operation)

The Server should receive this correctly now.