Server Search- reform required

Game creators need permissions greater than those of normal players.
I was looking for a player in my own game servers- and their privacy setting preventing me from searching.

I need to be able (as game creator) to stop threats in my servers asap- when they are reported to me, giving game owners these powers helps us out- and contributes to better policing of our games.

What are you proposing?

I believe this would go under “Web features”. Also, please elaborate.

Privacy settings are ignored if the game creator is searching.


What are you searching? Where are you searching? As far as I’m aware there is no feature the lets you search servers like you’re describing.

That’s not a roblox feature

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oh man, its roblox+ how do i remove this post

ROBLOX+ seems to have a lot of stuff ROBLOX needs.


I agree- Web really should take a job at ROBLOX

@WebGL3D already has a job at ROBLOX.

but there is no rbx+ stuff on the site :frowning:

Yeah, but just because he works at ROBLOX doesn’t mean he can add whatever he wants to the site. He works with a team that’s assigned to specific tasks for an organized workflow.

I’ve gotten a few features approved and added to the site silently, just haven’t mentioned them and pulled them out of the extension. I agree game creators should be able to search without restriction, give me a couple weeks.


And also the ability to jump into any server. I shouldn’t have to wait for someone to leave so I can go in and see what issue might have been going down.


It would be nice to have a remote tool to kick players from the website. Instead of needing admin commands ingame.