Server Security Guidelines - Talent Simulator!

The following information is essential to all “Server Security” within the Talent Simulator™ Community!

Gamepass Purchase Disclaimer:

All Gamepasses are subject to change in price, Game benefit, or any other foreseen changes without notice!
If you are considered to be"Abusing" or “Misusing” Gamepasses in any form, that is not their intended purpose / use. Talent Simulator™ Holds the rights of revocation or removal of access to such purchased “Perks”.

Server Security Information:

As a Server Security you are granted limited “Admin” commands in Talent Simulator™
The sole purpose of the Server Security, is to have members with the ability of helping the community in a limited but beneficial way, such as granting you permission to change a Host from the Host team to Auditioner, should they be abusing Host responsibility.

Please note: Teaming users to Host / Judge so they can avoid use of Coins, removing hosts or judges so someone else can be that team or so you can become that position is prohibited. All commands should only be used on yourself, At no time should you be bringing people into restricted or team only areas, you should not be doing anything with your power that is disruptive or affecting gameplay. Using commands to kill others, troll, abuse, or cause chaos can result in blacklisting from Server Security and or removal of access to our community.

This information may update at any given time, without prior notice.

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