Server Side replication not working - Optimization

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    I have this sphere which players control and move on map and collect those ball and they grew in size. Initially i was changing the size on the server size whenever they collects a ball but that was lagging the game. So, i decided to set networkowner of the ball to the player.

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    The problem is that Networkowner dont replicate size changes.

Anyone can suggestion a way, I can use to replicate the size change on the server side without lagging the game. I tweening the sphere size whenever player touches a ball and it seems a lot of work for the server. As it suppose to happen every seconds for multiple time for all the player.

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Setup a RemoteEvent that tweens stuff and use FireAllClients from the server when you pick up a ball. Pass in the original size, and new size.
From the client connect to that remote and do the tween.

This will make the server and client sizes desynchonized though so probably tween on the server as well. They wont see the laggy server tween because the client tween from the remote will hide it.

Hey, thnkx for replying. Ill surely try doin this.