Server Storage and Replicated Storage

I have known that exploiters can see Replicated but can’t see Server Storage. So, my concern is then why should I bother putting Event and Functions there when I can just put all inside Server Storage but then suddenly I remembered that when I was learning about Roblox Studio someone I think it was AlvinBlox putted events on Replicated instead of Server Storage. Why is that?

I wanna get some pros and cons about both Services. If someone experienced can help me with this problem It’ll be really helpful.

If you put a RemoteEvent or RemoteFunction in ServerStorage, the client can’t see it, so therefore they’re not able to actually fire or invoke it. Exploiters can see what the client can see.

ServerStorage should be used for anything ONLY needed by the server,

ReplicatedStorage should be used for anything both the server and client need


Oh, yeah. I forgot about that totally, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yep, No problem. Happy to help.