Server to client "teleportation" replication lag

Hello all, hope you’re having a great day!
Right now, I’m having issues with the server replicating vehicle movement to the client. I think it’s best demonstrated with these short videos:

Example 1

Example 2

As you can see, tanks are being “teleported” around and predicting movement proves frustrating and difficult. Average server ping is around 200-250ms and average physics KB/s is around 650.

I’ve tested this on studio with a program which replicates dropped packets and laggy connections with a program called “Clumsy”. I have it set to lag on outbound data only. On the server, it looks like it does an acceptable job on replicating such a terrible connection, but the receiving client doesn’t do it justice: (left is server, right is receiving client, off window is the sending client)

Ideally, it’s supposed to be like this:

I’m not so familiar with the networking scene so any insights or tips on how to reduce this teleporting lag would be greatly appreciated! I’m not afraid of methods which use complex math!


Would sending remotes from the server to receiving client to update the position viable if the server pos and client pos differ by X studs?