Servers crashing randomly

Since about the 14th of may, when I released a update for My game we have been having issues with crashes, these have come in different forms, the first one started as servers going very slow upon server start up (when a lot of players would join) at about 14-15 it would freeze everyone and slowly everyone would leave before the server is gone (no one can join after it freezes)

The 1st server would sometimes be able to go beyond the startup and not crash, going to the 30-32 playercount for atleast 30 mins or hour before that server also went down and crashed.

Here is a video of the freezing

Server crash number 2, the servers would be up for 20-30 mins before the servers crashed with the message of “Developer temporarily shutdown the servers”, I have been unable to find the cause of this and why it’s happening, here’s a screenshot of the message after everyone’s kicked kt1giYBWT7SEHHz5oeFPLg

I have had several scripters from my team take a look at the game, the scripts, new stuff we added for memory leaks, backdoor scans, exploits, remote checks and so on.
Common sense tells me this started happening more after the update we did, although we checked everything for the update and were unable to find flaws or anything that could cause the crashing, the random crashing used to happen before the update but it was on rare occasions, obviously something in our update must have triggered this more frequent crashing and I am asking for help on identifying this.

I have tried providing as much information as possible in hope someone who has experienced the same or can help me identify and fix the problem I’m having here.


So it could be the amount of detail with each player. Go over the scripts because sometimes there can be a certain script that lags it.

There is nothing new added that heavily does anything new to the player that would lag it to the level of crashing it so this is very doubtful.

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Maybe the players are all too close together?

The player spawning is not really changed and they have always spawned the same way since the creation of the game so this is also very doubtful, why would it act out now?

Regarding Server Crash 1. If you used any free models one of them could have had a script in it that creates new parts or explosions or particles or whatever really quickly until the server freezes. That is the only thing I can think of with it gradually getting more and more laggy until it freezes. Example: Script keeps making new parts in a big pile until roblox can’t handle the physics anymore. If you used any free models, I recommend checking all of the scripts inside of them. If that is not the cause. Then I have no idea what to do next.

I can assure it is not, all the scripts have been checked, it is very doubtful that one of them is doing it, but we will double check.

Crash 2 is our current issue.

I am having the same issue and I just joined a few front-page games I played for 30 - 40 minutes and I crashed just like in my game it’s very weird these strange disconnections randomly have been happening all over Roblox.

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I was hoping for someone who could give valuable info or help me properly with this but I guess not.

Yeah that’s weird in my game everyone looses connection at the same time after like 20-30 minutes.

Possible problems:

  • Server crashing exploits
  • Server nuke backdoor
  • Too much server memory / too much remote traffic
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Hmmm, the swords in the game use remote functions to see if the player holds left click every RunService.Heartbeat:Wait()

Could this be the problem?

It could be, that is, if the ping of players goes up every time a player joins.
That aside, that is incredibly unoptimized, even if that wasn’t the issue, I would fix that ASAP.

This was fixed already, solution: nothing we did, from roblox side

Fixed a couple days after


Do you mind sharing who you discussed with to fix this problem? I was told by a roblox staff this was a ddos attack but have not gotten an update in 2 months.

Hello, unfortunately I spoke with experienced devs none which could help me, I only have a temporarily solution I can give you if your game is experiencing ddos attacks, please dm me at Royal#1879 if you need the help.

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